Saturday, March 26, 2011

And it continues......

Oh boy. Just when I was comfortable with the idea of having no connection to Izzy's paternal side of the family I get another slap in the face. Let me just say I never told any of them to leave. They all have left on their own free will. It has been a full year since I have heard from his mother. Until this past Saturday that is.... Just seems very odd that a week before we go to court she decides she wants back into our lives? I dont get it. Why should she be able to choose when she can come in and out of our lives. Well, the conversation didn't go so well. I tried to keep it calm and collected but its hard with this lady. Real hard. Not just because shes his mother but the way she treated us last year is hard to forget. This convo was literally almost the same one we had last year! Seriously? I am over the drama. I moved on. She called me selfish. Really? Was any decision I made in the past 2 years in anyway selfish? I guess it was selfish of me not to abort my baby? or was it selfish of me to move back in with my parents so we would have a roof over our heads even though thats the last place I would like to live? Was it selfish of me to take on a second job working overnights giving me NO sleep so I could afford to feed my child? I dont know what selfish choices I have made to make her say I was in anyway shape or form selfish! Ugh! that part really fired me up. She says this has nothing to do with her son. She claims he has done nothing wrong. It was all my fault and it was my choice to have this baby. Soooo shes saying I should have aborted my daughter HER grandchild. sigh..... its a lose lose situation with her just like it was with Izzy's "dad". I dont know what else I can do. I emailed her a few days ago saying a few things along the lines of that I would give her a second chance as long as she respects what i chose to do with my daughter and what not. Haven't heard a peep back yet tho. I am SO nervous about Friday! errr I dont know what to expect. I dont know if he will even show up but I can only assume he will. I dont think hes that dumb...I could be giving him too much credit though. We'll see.
         Thats about all thats going on so far. You know besides the lack of sleep and now I am sick, oh joy!  Work again tonight!

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