Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just a Ramble....

        What a month it has been. Lot of ups and downs, more downs then anything. I am still dealing with the death of my friend. Just attended his Celebration of Life on Sunday. Losing him finally sunk in then. He has been gone a month but it just sunk in this week and it hurts bad. His service was so nice! It made me re-think the traditional funeral service. I believe i would like that as well for myself. It really just bothers me that bad things happen to such amazing people!

        Change of subject before the tears come again. We have our court date set for child support. Finally so i can get this over with. There are many times i wish I never filed! I should have just struggled through like I have been doing. But thats not fair to her. She deserves more. So Im sucking it up and moving forward with this. I hope I am making the right choice. ::sigh::

         Well Izzy is amazing! She is just such a character lately. always making me laugh! She teething badly at the moment and sleep is well NOT there. Im exhausted! with not sleeping due to work and now thanks to teeth coming in im just at my limits lately. I wish i could take a vacation but I cant afford to :(

         Motherhood is such a challenge. A good one but nonetheless a challenge! I feel like i have aged like 20years by just having her. lol. She is just the best though. She makes life worth living! When i am at my lowest points(which lately has been ALOT) she just has a way to make me smile and remember how blessed I am to have her!

playtime at the park! :)

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