Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Results Are In...

We finally got our results to the paternity test we had to have done..... And like I have told everyone... he is the father. Not a suprise to me but its a big relief that I can now move forward with everything including getting the child support. I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Well thats the good news in my life...

The bad news... I lost a friend Thursday night. He was struck by a car and killed instantly. :( Lesson...Life is way too short! So Im going to try and talk to those I have lost touch with more often. I lost touch with him when I had Izzy. I have only seen him a few times in the past year :( I am still in shock!

On a lighter note....I love my daughter. She has been walking up a storm lately! In fact she got her first bump/bruise today :( She tripped on her basket of toys and landed face forward onto it. So sad! Tonight starts my shift at Walgreens. I am NOT thrilled about this! : /  Thats all I can think of tonight... I am trying to entertain her as I write this...haha

Izzy at her 1st Birthday Party! :) YUMMM

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